All the empty space in Uniform’s background is the workspace. The workspace is an infinite 2D area you can use to create panels and organize your work however you want.

You create a new panel by dragging with the Pencil. Drag until the outline turns white as panels require a minimum size.

After releasing, a new dialog will appear to help you set up the contents for this panel. There are two main options, New Scene and New Viewport.

If we tap any of these buttons under the new scene tab, Uniform will create a new scene with the content described.

Once the panel is created, you can move it by dragging from the top and resize it by dragging on this corner highlighted with a triangle.

You can move through the workspace by pressing the workspace panning shortcut. Hold down the panning shortcuts and drag with the pencil to move around. Let’s create another panel with a new scene. In this case, a cube.

Let’s create one more panel, but now let’s use the new viewport option. As you can see, here are the two scenes we created before. Tap one of them to create a new viewport for the same scene. This way you can have multiple views for your scene that update in real time.

Note how when pressing and holding the workspace panning shortcut, an icon appears over the workspace. If I also tap and hold this icon, Uniform will zoom out so you can see all panels in the workspace. By dragging the icon to a particular area, Uniform will zoom in towards that panel. You can use this to quickly navigate the workspace if you have a lot of panels.

You can close a panel by tapping Close Panel in its panel editor. Note that this will only remove the panel, the scene will still be there. You can create another panel for the scene to get it back.

In the panel editor you can find other options such as setting a name for the panel or moving it in front or behind other panels in the workspace.