You can use the tool grid to quickly switch between tools or activate commands when working in Uniform. The tool grid works like a file system directory structure with files and folders. Tap a folder to see its contents, tap an entry to activate it and go back to the beginning.

As you can see, each tool is activated by tapping the same pattern. You can memorize these patterns to get fast access to a high number of tools without searching them through menus.

The fastest way of using the tool grid is by using a Bluetooth keyboard, you can use the leftmost keys as direct shortcuts for the grid entries. As you can see, each key position in the keyboard is mapped to the same position in the grid.

If you want to use Uniform only with touch, you can tap on entries to activate them. You can also drag with the pencil to activate entries under the stroke, like a touch swipe keyboard, which is faster.

There is also the option to move the grid to the upper corner so it is closer to your hand when working without a keyboard. The option is available under Main menu, Settings, Tool Grid, Tool Grid Position, then select the top corner.

top corner

If you tap the search command, this will open the gallery. If Uniform finds any tool in the gallery in the current tool grid, it will show the sequence of keys you have to press to get to the same tool directly from the tool grid.