There are 3 ways to move the camera.

You can use multitouch. Use one finger to rotate or two fingers to pan and zoom. Using two fingers will also reset the rotation center to the area you are zooming in. Panning and zooming with two fingers will track your fingers position in relation to the model. Moving the camera is always more precise when both of your fingers are over the model, near the area you want to focus on.

You can move the camera by using the keyboard and the Pencil. Press the spacebar and drag with the pencil to rotate, press the spacebar and shift to pan, spacebar and command to zoom and spacebar, shift and command to roll.

You can also use the touch shortcuts to move the camera. Hold down the camera icon and drag with the pencil to rotate. When rotating, drag your thumb up and down to zoom in and out. You can drag your thumb to the left to switch the movement from rotation to panning. You can use this feature instead of multitouch if you want to avoid repeating movements with your hand when you need to do small tweaks to the camera.

Uniform supports moving the camera when a tool is active. Just use multitouch when using a tool with the pencil. This way you can create longer strokes or use 3D input in tools that support it.