CozyBlanket 1.1 includes Build Quad and Tweak tools, split and merge triangles, loop flow rotation, keyboard shortcuts, undo/redo buttons, 120fps support and improved viewport navigation.


Included in Retopology Pack:

  • Tweak tool: Moving vertices or sliding edge loops can now be activated from a tool. This is the same action as double tapping with the pencil.


  • Build Quad tool: When active, drag from the middle of a boundary edge or a boundary vertex to create a new face one by one. Triangles are merged intro quads and new vertices are automatically merged when dragged on top of an existing one.

Other Features:

  • Gesture for rotating an edge: Draw a circle shape over the center of an edge to rotate it and change the direction of the loop flow.


  • Gestures for split and merge faces: Quads can now be split into two triangles and two adjacent triangles can be merged into a quad.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Includes the following shortcuts:
    • Pencil: Spacebar
    • Relax: Shift
    • Move: G
    • Erase: E
    • Tweak: W
    • PolyBuild: S
    • Patch Clone: P
    • Undo: Ctrl + Z
  • 120FPS support on iPad Pro


  • Redo
  • Undo/Redo buttons
  • Increase notification display time
  • Increase undo/redo steps to 30


  • Minor performance improvements.s
  • Improve camera navigation stability.
  • Disable showing Store on label “Changes will not be saved”.
  • Fix performance degradation after a certain time of usage.
  • Fix creating a triangle from a single isolated triangle gesture.
  • Fix typos.