CozyBlanket 1.2 includes detail reprojection, gestures for creating cylindrical shapes, importing editable meshes, stl exporting, apply symmetry in retopology mesh and more.


Included in Retopology Pack:

  • Subdivide and Reproject on export.
  • Export .stl files.

Other features:

  • New pencil gesture for creating cylindrical shapes.
  • Show touch positions option.
  • Import .obj to replace Edit Mesh.
  • Apply symmetry.
  • Redesigned top bar popover UI.
  • Increase spacing in UI widgets.
  • Smoother target mesh surface animation.
  • Add Twitter link


  • Undo/Redo buttons are disabled when no operation is available.
  • Fix crash on iPad Pro 1st gen.
  • Improve grid corner detection.
  • Improve precision of single poly gestures.
  • Fix crash when trying to export corrupted topology.