Uniform uses the GeoMesh object type to work with high poly meshes with per vertex color and material data.

To start a high poly sculpt, create a new scene with a GeoMesh object type. In this case, we are using quadsphere.

Go to surface -> detail size and drag from left/right to set the desired vertex density for the color and displacement brushes to work, then use surface -> rebuild to generate a new topology using this new detail size.

From here, you can start using surface tools, You have commonly used displacement brushes such as clay, draw, sharp or trim, all under surface -> displacement

You also have color brushes available under surface -> color. The main brush for painting colors is under surface -> color -> paint

You can also find other relevant tools for sculpting under deform. Here you can find tools such as move, hook, elastic and pose. All tools that are more focused on working with the general shapes and proportions of a model instead of brushes to refine volumes and surface details.

If you want to enable symmetry, you can go to object, symmetry, then tap on the circle of the axis you want to enable.