Uniform has tools optimized for retopology when used with the PolyMesh Object.

To quickly setup retopology on top of an existing mesh (for example, a high poly GeoMesh Object), use Add -> Retopo -> Quad, then click and drag on the target mesh.

After this, go to the Override Inspector and tap on Retopology. This will make sure that any other tool you use (like move or smooth) will always snap to the target mesh.

You can now use retopology tools to continue building the mesh from the just added quad. Go to Graph -> Retopo -> PolyBuild to start dragging and creating quads.

You can also use Graph -> Retopo -> CozyBlanket to use the main pencil tool from CozyBlanket.

After you are done with retopology, you can clear the overrides you added before to stop surface snapping.