Uniform supports topology mesh editing when using the PolyMesh object. Most topology operations are performed with different presets of the Graph Layout Tool.

The Graph Layout Tool has 3 main modules, an element provider, a kernel and a deformer. The element provider determines what elements of the mesh are going to be affected (all faces, faces with a particular region, a face ring, a vertex under the cursor…) . The kernel defines a topology operation that is going to be performed (extruding, merging, splitting…). The deformer configures how the new topology elements are going to move when dragging with the pencil (translate them, slide across edges, slide along their normals).

Uniform has a series of Graph Layout Tool presets preconfigured with the most common mesh modeling operations for blocking basic shapes and creating base meshes.

The Extrude preset will extrude along the average normal all faces with the region under the cursor. This preset has a shortcut for creating new regions when pressing M2. You can also inset or extrude along face normals.

The Loop preset can insert, dissolve and deform vertex loops.

The Merge preset can merge or split topology.

You can also use the Transform deformer or Region delete and duplicate tools for other common mesh modeling operations.