Uniform can work with multiple objects in the same scene. Let’s say that we are working on a high poly sculpt using the GeoMesh object type and we want to create a new part for our model.

A possible way of creating a new object would be with a Mesh Creation tool. Select Add -> Mesh -> Quadsphere, then click a drag on the model to start creating the sphere.

Another way would be to use a volume sketch tool. You can use Add -> Volume sketch -> Draw volume to start drawing a stroke of geometry with no particular form. The resolution and size of this stroke will be determined by your brush radius.

Hold down the scene selection shortcuts to activate the main scene selection tool. You can see that some objects turn darker. Tap on a different object to change the scene selection. This is how you switch and activate different objects to work on different parts of the model.

While holding down the scene selection shortcuts, you can also tap and drag over multiple objects. This way you can edit all them as if they were combined.

Finally, you can also select and rename objects using the Outliner inspector. Tap on an object to select it or tap on the rename icon to rename it.

You can delete objects by using the tool under Scene -> Delete Object or by using the delete icon in the outliner.