CozyBlanket Network Features

CozyBlanket remote network features allow controlling CozyBlanket from desktop DCCs, servers and pipeline tools for integration with existing software.

Make sure you have Network Features enabled in CozyBlanket. Network Features are only available as part of Retopology Pack.

You can download all network files and script for CozyBlanket integration here:

This file contains:

  • Python Module with CLI
  • Blender Addon (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • ZBrush Plugin (Windows) (Experimental)

Python Module

The included Python module provides a reference implementation of the CozyBlanket network API. It also contains utility functions for directly importing .obj files when building pipeline scripts. You can also install the CozyBlanket module by using pip install cozyblanket.

The CozyBlanketConnection class can be used to connect to a running instance of CozyBlanket. You can find all the available commands in the class definition, but here is a quick example of what can be done:

from cozyblanket import CozyBlanketConnection

# Connect to a running instance
CB = CozyBlanketConnection() # This can take an optional device_id argument if you want to connect to a specific device


# Close the current document and clear the current scene, otherwise the current document will be overwirtten


# Push a new retopology target from an OBJ file
CB.target_push_obj("target.obj", "named_target")


# Save the currently open retopology mesh to an OBJ file


# Add a remote action button to the device's UI
CB.remote_actions_add("Example Button", lambda: print("The user pressed the button!"))

# remote_actions_process() needs to be called periodically from your client app
while True:


# Close any running connections

Command Line Interface

You can run –help for list all supported commands. If you installed the Python module using pip, you can run python -m cozyblanket.cli --help

Blender Addon

You can install the Blender addon by going to Edit>Preferences>Addons>install and selecting the file.

Requires Blender 3.0 or higher.

Addon operators are available in the N panel.

The provided addon contains the following features:

  • Push one or multiple target objects to CozyBlanket
  • Push one or more target objects and an EditMesh to CozyBlanket
  • Pull the current CozyBlanket Editmesh to the active object.
  • Realtime sync of EditMesh and CozyBlanket camera position to Blender

ZBrush Plugin (Experimental)

You can install the experimental ZBrush plugin for Windows by copying the contents of the provided ZBrush folder into C:/Program Files/Maxon/ZBrush2022/ZStartup/ZPlugs64

Requires Maxon ZBrush 2022 running on Windows.

The tools are available in the ZPlugins>CozyBlanket menu.

The provided plugin contains the following features:

  • Push the current SubTool to CozyBlanket
  • Pull the CozyBlanket EditMesh to the current SubTool