CozyBlanket 1.5 includes network features for desktop pipeline integration, Python API and CLI, redesigned store with new pricing options, image 2D targets, better gesture accuracy, performance and more.

Included in Retopology Pack

  • Network Features
    • CozyBlanket introduces support to be remotely controlled by sending commands over the local network. This allows for cuztomizable integration with desktop DCC and pipelines.
    • The following features are available as network commands:
      • Push/Load target geometry
      • Pull/Load editmesh
      • Clear scene
      • Close document
      • Display messages
      • Create/Delete remote actions
      • Check symmetry state
      • Check editmesh changes
      • Stream viewport camera position
    • Documentation, scripts and examples on how to integrate CozyBlanket with desktop pipelines are availalbe in our website.
  • Image targets
    • CozyBlanket supports importing/replacing images to be used as 2D snapping targets. This can be used to create complex mesh shapes on top of a 2D sketch to later deform in other software.
  • Added gesture for pinning an edge loop.
  • Redesigned ExtendB intereacion for automatic steps.
  • Increased pencil gestures accuracy
  • Option to reposition the toolbar to the upper half of the screen.
  • Option to disable timeout gestures.
  • Option to always force viewport rendering using the CPU.

Changes in Base

  • Redesigned Store
    • There is a new in-app purchase (Base I/O) that unlocks only the import/saving options. This option does not include the rest of the features available in Retopology Pack.
    • The store now includes a list with all features available in the different in-app purchases, including descriptions and videos.
    • There is no longer a limit on vertex count for importing.
    • The free version includes the tweak and delete action.
    • Extruding cylinders, edge loop bridge and edge rotation are now only included as part of the Retopology Pack.


  • Increase pencil gestures accuracy.
  • Optimize Target mesh GPU rendering
  • Optimize Editmesh batch editing operations.
  • Fix settings not changing on first install.